About Us

At Griffin 3D...

We believe that 3D printing is and should be for everyone. There are two issues that one must keep in mind when using a 3D printer. The first issue to consider is your build volume, making sure that you have the right size printer for your needs is important. Secondly, using your imagination. 3D printing is all about private taxi london what you want to make; robots, prosthetics, toys, figures, car parts, etc. It doesn't matter what you want to make as long as you are willing to use your imagination to make your prints come to life. We want to provide you that opportunity to let your imagination change the world.

Griffin 3D Founders

Doug and Scott met at Arch Reactor Hacker Space in St. Louis, Mo. during a 3D Printer Meetup. Doug was the first delta enthusiast at their meetups. After some long discussions (and a few arguments among 3D printer nerds) we found that we had a common goal. To bring the Griffin Pro series of 3D printers to market and show the world how great saltele cluj Delta printers are. We have worked long hours and late nights on our 3D printers and we hope that all of our effort shows through in the quality of our products.

Our Goals...

Griffin 3D will be the first company out of St. Louis, Missouri to produce and sell 3D printers. But we want to go beyond just making and selling 3D Printers, we want to help educate people on what 3D printers are and what they can do with them. We feel that this is an important step in helping people understand how trading cryptocurrency they can use these machines to make the things they want. So we travel to schools and nonprofits, educating people and showing them how to release their creative side with the Griffin Pro Series.